GWM ORA and WEY model range GWM ORA and WEY model range

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In order for the warranties to be effective, your GMW vehicle must be serviced at intervals of 12 months (WEY) / 24 months (ORA) or 20,000 km / 30,000 km (ORA) (whichever comes first) at an authorized GWM dealership. It’s your responsibility to keep the documentation. The Service and Warranty Booklet containing all relevant documents is available for download (link at the end).

Five years unlimited mileage warranty

It’s warranted that each new GWM vehicle supplied by Great Wall Motor Deutschland GmbH will be free of defects in materials or manufacturer’s workmanship during the warranty period. Any officially appointed GWM dealer will make any repairs, using new or remanufactured parts, to correct defects covered by this warranty. Except as otherwise indicated, this warranty covers your GWM vehicle for 5 years unlimited mileage, from the registration date of the vehicle or the date the vehicle is first put in use, whichever is earlier.


• Warranty repairs (parts and labor) will be made at no charge. A reasonable time must be allowed after taking the vehicle to the dealer for repairs.

Eight years / 160,000 kilometers high voltage battery warranty

• The high voltage battery on your GWM is warranted for eight years either/or 160,000 kilometers against manufacturing defects. During the vehicle’s usage, some battery capacity degradation will occur. This is normal and is not considered a manufacturing defect. 

Five years unlimited mileage paint warranty

The paintwork on your GWM vehicle is warranted for five years unlimited mileage against manufacturing defects in the paint material, paint treatment, or corrosion on the panel surfaces. Sheet Metal, paint, and other appearance defects in your vehicle at the time of its delivery to you are covered by this warranty. However, for your protection, if you do find any such defects, advise your GWM dealer immediately since normal deterioration of your vehicle’s appearance due to its use and exposure to the elements is not covered by this warranty.

12 years unlimited mileage anti-corrosion program

Your vehicle has been designed and built to resist corrosion. The warranty for the GWM vehicle under the 12-year anti-corrosion program requires inspections to be carried out at specified 24-months intervals by an authorized GWM dealer. Regular care and maintenance will continue to ensure the effectiveness of the anti-corrosion protection. The recommendations set out below should therefore be followed:


• Clean and polish the vehicle regularly and attend to any chips or scratches in the paintwork.                

• Remove any compacted mud and hose the inside of the wheel arches regularly.

• The underside of the vehicle and the wheel arches should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a year, preferably after the winter.                                   

• Cleaning additives that contain strong solvents or petroleum should not be used.

Our promise

As a GWM vehicle owner you can expect a high standard of service from any of the officially appointed GWM dealers located throughout the country, all of whom are listed on the GWM website. Each and every one of them has a fully equipped workshop, staffed by GWM trained technicians committed to provide the high-quality of service to match your car.

Find out more assistance

GWM Mobility Assistance provides support for eligible GWM vehicles for 60 months from the date of delivery or first registration. Benefits are at the discretion of Great Wall Motor Deutschland GmbH and are subject to change. Services must be pre-approved and organized through the Assistance policy.


Eligible events include breakdowns due to material or workmanship defects, and limited benefits apply for non-warrantable customer-induced faults. Benefits include phone support, roadside assistance, towing to an authorized GWM service center, and a replacement vehicle if necessary. For breakdowns over 80 km from home, the policy offers additional options for onward travel, hotel accommodation, and transfer costs. Repatriation may also be provided for breakdowns abroad.


If a customer relocates to another country or sells the vehicle, the policy may no longer be valid, subject to specific conditions. Personal data is processed in compliance with data protection regulations. Download the full booklet below.


The complete and applicable service and warranty booklets can be downloaded here:

GWM ORA 03 - Funky Cat - Service and Warranty Boooklet

GWM ORA 07 - Service and Warranty Boooklet

GWM WEY 03 - Coffee 02 - Service and Warranty Booklet

GWM WEY 05 - Coffee 01 - Service and Warranty Booklet


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